• "This was a great class! Whether a novice teacher or a seasoned professional it was a relevant and interesting experience.”

• "Great teacher and great class! Thanks!”

• "This was a valuable course. The content was purposeful. Thank you to Mr. Psota for treating us like professionals. I appreciated the practical applications of this classroom.”

• "Excellent Course. I wish there was a follow-up course, as my application of the Love and Logic techniques will most likely bring up questions.”

• "Good teaching style.”

• "I learned more from this course than most I've taken and I have a Masters + 60 hours. It has been useful in real life situations as well as teaching. Thanks for the opportunity." 

• "Mr. Psota is a very professional and knowledgeable teacher. He inspired me to work harder to be a better teacher myself and I would love to take more courses from him."

• "I am hugely impressed with how much I learned in just 3 days. The instructor gets an A+ in my book. He demonstrated exceptional grasp of his subject. Most notable was his ability to provide a consistent and helpful model for using the language, strategies, and behaviors of love and logic in the real world with students, not to just reiterate what I could read. Sitting for 8 hours, 3 days in a row could have been tedious and difficult to remain engaged, but the instructor kept my attention the entire time by his use of multiple approaches beyond lecturing such as giving many examples of love and logic application, moving around the room, asking the class questions, and encouraging thoughtful discussions. The videos and the instructor's expansion on the videos inspired me to be a more instructive communicator with my students - communicating with purpose for positive outcome. I was able to apply some of the information and strategies immediately. He walks the talk! Thanks for a very positive experience."

• "I enjoyed the class and would recommend it to others.  Loved the instructor and the class. Quite valuable."

• "This was a great class! I look forward to implementing what I learned in my classroom."

• "I prefer the smaller class size over a larger size conducted in an auditorium. This was an ideal size that allowed interaction amongst ourselves as well as the instructor. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the course material.  His presentation was enthusiastic, entertaining, and easy to follow. I think the mixture of workbook, video, work on our own, and working in groups made it much easier to sit in class for the 24 hours. I was very impressed with the OU campus in KC."

• "I learned a lot in this course that I will use in my classroom."

•"This course really influenced the way I am going to handle students in the future, so it was really worthwhile."

•"I was very impressed by the instructor's assigning of three reflection papers in three days. That is a lot to read; and, at least in my case, the instructor took the time to comment on each paper I submitted. As an English teacher, I know how much work that is, and I appreciated the effort."

• "I really enjoyed the course and I anticipate using many of these new methods in my classroom. Thanks!"

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